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Meghan Nguyen

Meet Meghan

Get2College was a wonderful resource that helped break down the college planning process.


Meghan Nguyen


Mississippi State University

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

Pro-athlete in tennis and basketball

Did you ever experience an “aha” moment when you discovered a career path that you would enjoy?

In the early stages of choosing my major, I elected for something broad that encompasses all of my interests. It was more like a rational decision than an “aha” moment. 

What was it like deciding on a school or training program?

My decisions were made rationally in terms of what made sense with my financials and convenience for my family. If given the chance to start over, I would give myself more confidence to pursue more schools and trust that everything will work out for me as God planned for me. 

What was it like planning and prepping for school after graduation? 

Planning and preparations were both time-consuming, overwhelming, and a whole world of knowledge that I had to learn. Get2College was a wonderful resource that helped break down the process and offered assistance throughout the college planning process like on-campus visits, financial aid, and hidden items to consider.