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Macia Outlaw

Meet Macia

Be humble at all times. Push yourself so that you can have pride but go easy on yourself when you mess up.


Macia Outlaw


Mississippi College

 In high school, did you feel like college or school after graduation felt valuable? intimidating? what did you think about it?

When I considered college, I felt like it was going to be an exciting stepping stone for me. I was the type of person that each time a semester or year passed by, I was inching closer to beginning my life as professional studying medicine. I was honestly ready to graduate high school, and when I began college, I felt like my life truly began. There was more freedom for me to make the decision on if I was going to shadow, volunteer somewhere, study at a coffee shop for a day, or take a nap. 

How was Get2College a part of your journey to college?

When it came time to  complete the FAFSA, my family and I did not know where to begin. I met with a Get2College counselor at my high school’s FAFSA day, and Ms. Daniela Griffin opened my eyes. I never realized college could be so expensive. She even helped me plan how I was going to navigate my college years affordably.

Without Get2College, I would not have known how to apply for scholarships, what college to really start at, and how to determine my ideal career path. Anyone who is considering college should use Get2College. They even provided free ACT prep help, and my score went up afterwards!

What was it like deciding on where to attend college?

 I wanted to begin college at a university, but I could not afford it. I began my college education at Hinds Community College, and through that, I became part of a wonderful community of scholars through Phi Theta Kappa. I eventually made the decision to attend Mississippi College since it has a great track record for sending students to medical school. 

 If you could go back and tell a 17-year-old you anything about school and career, what would it be?

1.) Be humble at all times. Push yourself so that you can have pride, but go easy on yourself when you mess up.

2.) Love yourself and find peace about who you are because college is a period where you’re trying to find yourself and your community. You’re even trying to find the lifestyle that is best for you. 

3.) Embrace the failures, because they are what are going to humble you and push you to work harder. Never ever give up just because someone tells you to pick a plan B or that you see yourself failing a lot. Just find a different studying technique, learn what you have to learn, and make it make sense.