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Plan for College

However you define it.

We think of college as any education after high school that leads to financial stability. As you plan for college, look for a college that meets your needs and wants academically, socially and financially. College can be a one-year certificate, a two-year Associate degree from a community college or a 4-year Bachelor’s degree and beyond.

As you plan for college, making college visits and getting to know more about individual colleges can lead you to success.

Take the right courses

Make sure you are taking the right courses for college. Taking Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment or other rigorous courses gives you the best chance of college readiness.

Know the requirements for college admission

If you want to go to one of Mississippi’s eight public universities, you should meet the requirement for one of the tracks.

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Apply early to colleges, and meet priority deadlines

Apply to at least three colleges to give yourself options. Choose a target school, one where you are likely to attend; one where you can gain admission and is an affordable option. Choose a school that might be a stretch in some way such as gaining admission or getting scholarships and financial aid.

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College Snapshots

College Snapshots allow you to compare cost, admission requirements, financial aid, and more. Compare your top choices to see which is the best fit for you!