College Planning Timeline

9th Grade

  • Meet your guidance counselor
  • Get involved in clubs, organizations, sports and community activities
  • Take a balanced course load
  • Make good grades!

10th Grade

  • Continue building your resume through clubs, organizations, sports, and community activities
  • Challenge yourself academically
  • Start your college search
  • Explore potential college majors and/or career interests
  • Make good grades!

11th Grade

  • Choose challenging high school courses
  • Prepare for and take standardized tests (ACT, SAT, PSAT)
  • Make a college list
  • Attend college fairs and meet college recruiters
  • Create a high school resume to list your activities
  • Start scholarship search
  • Plan college visits
  • Start narrowing down your college list
  • Apply for a summer job, internship or summer camp
  • Make good grades!

12th Grade

  • Apply for admissions (typically starts in August)
  • Apply for federal and state aid (starts October 1)
  • Apply for private scholarships and school-specific scholarships
  • Visit college campuses
  • Watch out for admissions and scholarship deadlines!
  • Evaluate financial aid packages
  • Complete housing applications
  • Make your final decision
  • Finish strong academically
  • Send final high school transcripts
  • Attend orientation