Our mission

The mission of Get2College is to provide best-in-class college planning services to Mississippi families and educators to help students get to college and be successful there.

Our vision

All Mississippians will have access to the very best college planning and counseling services to ensure postsecondary fit and increase college opportunity and completion. Get2College will be the trusted and premier resource for college planning, preparation, information and training services in Mississippi.

Our values

We believe in the power of education and the potential of all students.

Everything we do is dedicated to ensuring that all students have the best information and support they need to access and succeed in college.

We believe in equity.

We believe that all students–regardless of income, race or circumstance–have the right to the very best information, resources, support and opportunities that will help them enroll and succeed in college.

We empower and encourage students to see that college can and will be a part of their future.

Every day we engage with students and educators across Mississippi to help improve the pathway to college for all students.

We believe in the value of all postsecondary credentials.

We are trustworthy.

Everything we do is done with integrity and a commitment to being transparent, ethical, and honest with the students, parents and educators we serve and with each other.

We believe in strong relationships.

We approach each day excited about the potential opportunities for our students, and commit to always providing an open door and compassion for the students, parents, educators, and communities we serve.