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10 Minutes could be all that stands between you and paying for college.

Get free help applying for college financial aid.

Get Live FAFSA Help

Book a free appointment at one of our local centers or virtually over Zoom. We’ll tell you everything you need to bring to be ready. We've even added evening and weekend appointments!

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Ready? Start Your FAFSA

If you've collected your documents, you can begin a FAFSA application directly. The FAFSA can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, and most who apply qualify for financial aid!

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Host a FAFSA Event

Mississippi needs YOUR help in assisting recent high school grads to complete their 2024-25 FAFSA! Your organization can get up to $1,000 FREE to host a FAFSA event for your community!

The Truth about Common FAFSA Myths

The FAFSA does not report to any credit bureaus or agencies outside of schools you authorize. The FAFSA is a no-obligation form, and completing it simply reveals what the student might be eligible for. Federal and state governments and individual institutions all use the FAFSA when creating financial aid offers, so completing it is an important step.

Loans are just one way of paying for college. Federal programs like Pell grants could actually pay for 100% of the cost of a commuter community college student! Individual schools offer aid offers that include campus work-study jobs that cut costs and offer valuable experience. Local community groups often award small scholarships that add up, and use the FAFSA to ensure they’re directing aid to the neediest families. Filling out the FAFSA is the first step to creating a variety of aid opportunities. Get2College counselors can help you explore options and share success stories from real Mississippi students who’ve benefitted from grant programs.

We understand. Get2College has reached tens of thousands of students each year for decades. We’ve seen every family situation imaginable. We’ve also seen lots of successes: the completed FAFSA as the first step for first-generation students accessing a four-year college, community college, or even a technical certification that opens new doors of success. If you’re nervous in any way, book an appointment at one of our centers. We can talk you through the application and help your family through the process.

Get2College helps over 2,900 students each year. We’ve seen more FAFSA forms than practically anyone in Mississippi! Like any new program, there were wrinkles when a new version of the FAFSA recently launched. But we’ve seen the process smooth out in recent months, and now is the best time to complete the FAFSA as many schools have relaxed their deadlines to welcome more students. Book an appointment and complete your FAFSA, because there’s never been a better time!