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Host a FAFSA Day in your high school.

Find money for college

College Countdown FAFSA Days provide students and families with individual assistance completing the FAFSA and Mississippi Aid Application.  The best FAFSA Day event delivery format will be determined by the high school.

Timing is everything

The FAFSA is available in December 2023 and schools are encouraged to plan FAFSA Days as early as possible. This allows students more time to explore and understand their financial aid options and determine what colleges they can best afford to attend.

Our goal is to have as many Mississippi high school students as possible complete the FAFSA by June 30 to meet the FAFSA deadline for the MS Financial Aid’s HELP Grant. For more information about the HELP grant, visit here.

Goals of FAFSA Day

  • Provide students and parents support in understanding the cost of college and the options for financial aid to pay for college.
  • Host FAFSA completion event(s) to complete the FAFSA and Mississippi Aid Application (MAAPP) that best fits the school’s environment but creates individual support opportunities.

Get started

Join College Countdown Mississippi to receive access to the FAFSA Day toolkit and an overview and instruction on utilizing the resources. Schools that are registered with College Countdown MS are provided with marketing tools to promote the event. For more information or to discuss FAFSA completion in your high school, please reach out to State Coordinators, Kierstan Dufour or Brandi Lyndall.

FAFSA Day Resources