Unit 1: Introduction to College and Career Readiness

College Resume Guidance, Worksheet, Templates

VIDEO: High School Resume 

Resource for teachers to stay up to date on current Mississippi college access information via text. http://bit.ly/g2ctext


Unit 2: Developing a Student Portfolio and Defense

Guymon, Dave. "4 Free Web Tools for Student Portfolios." Edutopia. N.p., 2014. Web. 27 Apr. 2016 from http://www.edutopia.org/blog/web-tools-for-student-portfolios-dave-guymon

R. C. (2016). Senior Exit Project Information. Retrieved October 28, 2016, from http://www.rockcreekschools.org/vnews/display.v/SEC/Rock%20Creek%20JSHS%7CExit%20Projects

Unit 3: College Selection and Transition

College Planning Guide Booklet -Can be used for students or parents to give overview of the college planning process

Get2College Admissions Process Resource - Begin with this site and the hyper-linked resources for the application section of the course

College Board BigFuture: Get Started - Begin here in developing your lesson plans, begin with the “Get Started” drop down to introduce topics and interactive resources to students for course. Make sure to utilize the Educator Resources Center- which includes lesson plans among other resources, as you get started

College Board BigFuture: Major-Careers - Website to link and create account for students, which will be used on following months for search and scholarships

College Board BigFuture: Find College - This drop down has great order to follow for the college search process. With a way to search colleges and compare colleges, this lets students know what things needs to be considered.

VIDEO: College Planning and Financial Aid 101

VIDEO: Recorded webinar on College Search and Financial Aid

College Countdown MS - May want to consider holding an “Application Day” at your school for all seniors or just a smaller version in your class

Junior & Senior Timeline Flyer - Utilize these flyers at the beginning of the semester and utilize as a guide throughout the semester as a checklist that the students are preparing themselves for the next step.)

ACT Prep Get2College Workshops - List of ACT workshops and tips for students)

ACT Prep resources from ACT.ORG - Free ACT prep for students from ACT

ACT Prep Classroom Resources - Classroom focused ACT prep for students and educators

College Board BigFuture: Getting In - Information to have students to research on admissions rate, and different types of admissions selection process

College Scholarship or Admissions Essay Guidance - Guidance on essay writing for either scholarship or admissions purposes with link to other guides and examples

VIDEO: Essay Tips- Your Voice 

VIDEO: Essay Tips- Catching the Readers Attention 

How to Choose The Right College - Things to consider when researching and selecting the right college for students

VIDEO: Campus Visit Guide

VIDEO: Connecting with College Admissions Counselors


Unit 4: Applying and Planning for Financial Aid

VIDEO: Scholarships and financial aid search 

HELP grant information - Share with students when educating on the Mississippi Financial Aid options that are available

Scholarship Search Resource - Get2College website with list of scholarship searches for local and national

Expected Family Contribution Calculator

4 Steps to Financial Aid Flyer - Use this when introducing the financial aid section to students as an overview of where the different forms of financial aid that are available. Then follow up lessons in each one digging deeper into each type

College Board BigFuture: Pay For College - This is a great starting point for expanding on financial aid options from here

VIDEO: About the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - good for general FAFSA understanding

VIDEO: State Financial Aid - great way to introduce before applications completed

VIDEO: How to create an FSA ID for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and student loans.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  - Require students to complete this

Mississippi Financial Aid Application Require students to complete this

Scholarship Interview Questions/Guide, Get2College - Use for mock scholarship interviews, these questions are compiled from universities within the state and questions they use for their scholarship interviews in the past

Next Steps Get2College Flyer - Use this for SENIORS once they have completed the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). It can also be used with JUNIORS to introduce the overall financial aid process- post FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) possible verification, accepting financial aid awarding, etc.

Financial Aid Award Comparison Flyer - Share with students in the spring to understand that different schools award financial aid differently- this could be used as a mock example of three different types of schools (1) selective private, (2) 4 year public in MS, (3) 2 year CC in MS. This could also be used for seniors to fill out with their actual financial aid package.

Cost of College Flyer - Have students fill this out based on the college they have selected from their research. Gives students a realistic understanding that the cost to attend college is more than just the tuition and housing. Great to compare with the financial aid package

Common App Information - Website answers or guides general questions about the common app. Common app is only used by a certain number of college, which are listed on the website. A toolkit of resources is available if students need to complete the Common App

Common App Virtual Counselor

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Unit 5: Preparing for a Career and Internship

O*Net Online - Free career assessment

O*Net Online resources - Tool for researching and searching careers. This gives information on job titles, related careers, and potential earnings based on Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and current job openings

College Board BigFuture: Explore Careers

By Emily Grier in Job Advice. (n.d.). 10 Things To Do Before You Start Your Internship. Retrieved October 28, 2016, from http://www.hercampus.com/career/job-advice/10-things-do-you-start-your-internship

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Unit 6: Financial Literacy

Additional Recommended Resources

O*Net Online 

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