College Countdown MS Application Days

MS College Access Application Days will provide students the resources and tools to complete college applications online at a designated time during the school day. Students will be encouraged to apply to more than one school because of research that shows that increasing college applications from one to three increases the chance for college enrollment by 50%.

For information on how to establish Application Days in your school, contact Kierstan Dufour, Assistant Director for Get2College Program, at

All Mississippi high schools are invited to participate in College Countdown MS Campaign. Want to get your school involved for a 2019 Application Day? Click the link below to sign-up and get plugged in during October for College Application Month where we highlight applications and kick off campaign events.



Application Day Video Inspirations:
Meridian High School 
Northwest Rankin High School


Can Applying to More Colleges Increase Enrollment Rates?

College Board Advocacy & Policy Center Research Brief Summary notes

  • Low-socioeconomic-status students and low GPA and SAT students apply to relatively few colleges and, at the same time, have low enrollment rates.
  • Increasing the number of college applications from one to two can increase a student’s probability of enrolling at a four-year college by 40 percent, and increasing the number of applications from two to three can increase a student’s probability of enrollment by 10 percent.
  • Policymakers and higher education practitioners can increase college enrollment among traditionally underrepresented students by encouraging students to submit more applications and by developing approaches to assist these students in the application process.


College Countdown MS Contact Information

Kierstan Dufour
Assistant Director for Get2College Program
Woodward Hines Education Foundation (Formerly Education Services Foundation)
2616 Lakeward Drive
Jackson, MS 39216