Lauren Livingston

Assistant Director and College Counselor





Philadelphia, MS


Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA, Mississippi State University

Favorite thing about Get2College

Working with students and families as they navigate the college application process — it’s always an exciting and rewarding experience.

What she brings to Get2College

Lauren is passionate about helping students pursue higher education. With a background in college Admissions and Marketing, her experience allows her to creatively develop solutions and ideas for students. She’s loyal to her team and is extremely organized/detail-oriented (the purchase of her new annual planner brings an abnormal level of excitement).

More about Lauren

When not working, Lauren can often be found spending time with family, running, reading, or browsing used book stores. She also loves to travel with family and friends and dreams of visiting every U.S. national park one day. Lauren uses the aforementioned cute planner to organize all of these activities. Who would’ve guessed that?

Affiliations and Awards

Current Membership:

NCAN (National College Attainment Network)

NPEA (National Partnership for Educational Access)

The College Board

SACAC (Southern Association of College Admission Counseling)

MS Counseling Association

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