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This isn’t your mom reminding you to do the dishes or fold clothes when you get home. This is your own personalized college guide, advising you with short reminders of when and how to fill out your FAFSA, remind you of admission requirements and when the best time is for a campus tour! (Please note: Messaging and data rates do apply)

This new feature launches August 1, 2017 – STAY TUNED for updates of when to opt-in! 

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Check out our short videos of ACT Tips:
Area of Complex Figures
Tone and Attitude Questions
Science Knowledge on ACT
Purpose Questions – English ACT
Math Questions with Notes
Time Management for ACT Reading
Using Locators – ACT Science
Answering ACT Questions
Spot of the Day
Short and Concise (ACT English)
Using Logic for ACT Geometry
Conflicting Scientists Passage
Process of Elimination on the ACT
Cover and Predict
Using the Answer-ACT Math Strategy
Taking Notes in the Science Section
Answering English Questions on the ACT
Process of Elimination
ACT Reading Passages
Approaching English Passages
Approaching the Science Section
Cover and Predict
Keep Your Mind Focused and Active
Plugging In
Speed Reading
Order of Difficulty
English Strategy
Science Strategy
Substitute to Simplify
Timed Practice
Trust Your Ear But Verify
Using the Answer
Using Logic

College Planning Tips Videos

Connect with Recruiters
Your Essay, Your Voice
Your Essay: Catch the Reader’s Attention!
Components of a High School Resume
Visit Campus

College Planning Guide


Info you need to know:

ACT: Test Dates, Fees, Registration
Common App Guide
Directory of Mississippi Public Colleges and Universities
Directory of Mississippi Private Colleges and Universities
Directory of Mississippi Community Colleges
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
Mississippi Financial Aid (HELP Grant, MESG, MTAG and more!)
SAT: Test Dates, Fees, Registration

College Planning Websites: