Who does Get2College help?

We work with all students, along with their parents and family members, who want to either enroll or return to college – high school students, current college students, or adult students.  No matter where you find yourself on the college journey, we’re here to help you get there! 

How much do the services at Get2College cost?

All of our services are free for MS students and their families.

How does Get2College define college?

We define college as any kind of degree or credential beyond high school. That includes a two- or four-year degree, but it also means a certificate from a community college (ex. welding or advanced manufacturing).

How do I make an appointment?

You can book an appointment online here https://bookget2college.timetap.com/ or by contacting a center near you.

If I don’t live near one of your centers, can I still use your services? How would I do so?

Yes, we serve all students throughout the state of Mississippi! If you are unable to come to a center for an appointment, we can meet with you virtually! If you have access to the Internet and a phone, we can schedule a virtual appointment with one of our counselors. We can even help you virtually complete or correct the FAFSA – the Free Application for Federal Student Aid which is the first step in getting money for college. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

Do you offer any tutoring or prep for ACT?

We offer free ACT workshops for students before each national ACT test date. You will find the dates for ACT prep HERE. Once registration is open you can click on the date you wish to attend and complete the registration form.

Do you offer assistance with resume writing?

Yes! Use our resume guide to help build your own high school resume. We're happy to review your resume before you submit it for a scholarship or admissions decision - just email one of our offices. 

Do you offer career assessments?

We offer free career assessments in our center. We also recommend a free career interest survey.

Where can I find scholarship information?

Scholarship lists are available on our Private Scholarships page.

Please also reach out to your school counselor to learn more about local scholarship opportunities. Generally, most local scholarship applications become available in the spring. You can use the search engines listed to search for scholarships as well. 

You also want to make sure to complete specific college scholarship applications

What do I need to bring to complete the FAFSA?

You can find the checklist for items needed to complete the FAFSA here.

What do I do if I’ve been selected for financial aid verification?

Once the FAFSA has been received by your college, you may be asked to provide some additional documentation. This process is called verification. You may be required to complete verification by submitting additional documents to each school where you sent your FAFSA. It’s important to remember that most schools will not process your financial aid offer until verification is complete. Please regularly check your e-mail as well as your student portal at your college to see if there are any needed documents for your financial aid. If you have questions, you can always call us.

Why do I keep receiving e-mails that say “Missing Documents”?

These e-mails come from the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid, which awards our 3 state grants (MTAG, MESG, and HELP). You can log in with your account information to verify if you need to submit any documents here. There are two categories of missing documents - students and counselors. If you see only counselor missing documents (academic records and ACT scores), then these will be submitted by your counselor in the spring of your senior year.