Our Program

In our three Get2College Centers across the state, our expert staff provide counseling and hands on assistance in planning and paying for college for Mississippi students and their families. Get2College supports high school counselors providing workshops in the high schools and professional development opportunities. 

Our Goal 

To increase the rate of college enrollment and completion for students in Mississippi with the following services:

  • College Planning
  • Financial Aid
  • ACT Prep
  • Camp College
  • Virtual Services
  • Educator Professional Development


440:1 Student to Counselor ratio average in Mississippi

Access to high quality college counseling is critically important for students and is shown to predict college enrollment. Yet students from low-income families have few experts to turn to for advice. Many public school counselors have large caseloads and report that only a small amount of their time is spent on college counseling.


3,662 students visited Get2College Centers in 2017

Nationally, students who have met with a counselor are 3x more likely to go to college. 

74% of students who visit centers are low income, first-generation, or minority students

Our efforts are leveling the playing field between low and high income students. Nationally high income students are more likely than low income students to immediately enroll in college-- 83% high income compared to 67% low income students.


91% of high schools in center areas hosted a FAFSA Day

Approximately 3,078 students participated in FAFSA day events. First-time students that complete a FAFSA are more than 50% likely to enroll in college.