Selected for Verification?

by Brandi Lyndall


After submitting the FAFSA, you may have seen a note on your Student Aid Report (SAR) saying you’ve been selected for verification. Or, your college might have sent you an email telling you that you’ve been chosen. Verification is the federal process colleges use to confirm that the data reported on your FAFSA is accurate.

So, here’s what you need to know to complete verification.

First, Don’t assume you did anything wrong or incorrect. Some students are selected for verification at random, and some colleges verify all student FAFSAs. It’s simply the method colleges use to receive additional documentation that supports the information you reported on the FAFSA.

Second, you may be asked to verify numbers from your FAFSA such as household size, number in college or untaxed income.

Third, you may be asked to use the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) to electronically upload your tax return into your FAFSA. If you didn’t use the tool when you completed your FAFSA, you may login to your FAFSA to make this change. If you used the IRS DRT, you may still be asked to submit a tax transcript if you have a rollover on your tax return or submitted an amended tax return. To request a copy of your tax transcript visit or call 800-908-9946.

Finally, most colleges will not make a financial aid offer to you until verification is complete, so be sure to send the information to the college’s financial aid office as soon as possible. If you are uncertain about your financial aid status, login to your college web portal or contact the college’s financial aid office. Get2College is here to help. Contact us at for virtual or in-person assistance.