New Options for the ACT Test Offer Students More Choices

by Brandi Lyndall


Beginning with the September 2020 national ACT test, students will have more choices, a flexible test-taking experience, and greater opportunity that their ACT test scores best reflect their overall academic achievement. ACT will implement these four major changes next year.

  • Section Retesting:  Students who have taken the ACT test on a national test day will have the opportunity to retake one or more single-section ACT tests (English, reading, math and science) to improve their scores. Single-section tests must be taken at an online-equipped national test site, and the cost of the section retakes have not yet been determined.

  • Online Testing: Students will be able to choose between an online testing format and traditional paper-and-pencil testing. In turn, students who test online will get faster test results (multiple choice results as soon as 2 business days) that will allow them, the colleges, and scholarship programs to which they apply to make more informed and timely decisions. 

  • Superscoring: For students who have taken the ACT more than once or section retests, ACT will use their best scores to calculate a composite superscore. The best individual section scores are averaged to create a new composite ACT superscore. ACT will provide test results from an entire ACT test, along with the superscore, to colleges who will determine and maintain their own admissions score policies. Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning will adjust policies to include ACT superscores.

  • Fee Waivers: Students who qualify to take an ACT section test with a fee waiver may receive up to four waivers. Previously, qualified students could take the ACT only two times using a fee waiver. To determine who qualifies for a fee waiver, visit

Registration for the new ACT test options will open approximately one week after the July 2020 test date at